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Heading to Seattle [PAX]

27439627 According to Virgin America’s in-flight google map, we’re flying over Portland as I write this blog post. My fellow GreyHats and I area trekking to Seattle to attend and destroy the 2009 PAX convention. This will be my first PAX, and @Tesson‘s second. I know we’re all looking forward to this convention a lot, here’s a few things I’m going to check out:

  • Gratuitous free-play at the board and video game areas
  • PAX 2009 Keynote Ron Gilbert
  • DEMO Assassins Creed®II
  • Friday Night Concerts!
  • Penny Arcade Makes a Strip!
  • SW:ToR
  • Monkey Island Madness!
  • The Art of the Dungeon Master
  • Saturday Night Concerts!
  • Dawn of War II: Last Stand
  • The Second Penny Arcade Panel!
  • Wil Wheaton presents: THE AWESOME HOUR!!1

Specifically, I’m REALLY excited about Ron Gilbert’s keynote. Being that he created the games that solidified some of my best childhood memories. See ya’ll there. Hit me up on twitter @revoked and maybe we can meetup 😉

Blizzcon Wrapup [Podcast]

In this weeks episode of the Borked podcast, David Eagle, Jay and Rev discuss all things Blizzcon! Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and World of Warcraft, Cataclysm!

Rev and I had an absolute blast at Blizzcon, it was great to finally be the coolest people in the building (this only happens to us at conventions), and we have crowned ourselves your kings, dear nerdlings. You may show your fealty through gifts of gold and Beta keys.


The Last Frontier [Podcast]

In this weeks episode, your hosts discuss game company mergers, Obama’s geekiness, Bing! and Steve Jobs. They provide a few reading and game recommendations, and talk World of Warcraft in depth. Specifically, patch 3.2 dungeon changes.