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Ember of Your still small voice [RIP Jonathan Glyer]

Yesterday, January 29th 2010: GreyHats, the brotherhood of few, lost a pillar. Jonathan Glyer, Tesson / Archer / Ember / Jonga / Jay took a fatal blow in an accident at work. We are all reeling in shock. I’ll leave you with a reposting of a message his wife wrote this morning:

His Facebook (public now):

His Twitter:

An amazing man. The best husband a girl could ask for. Yesterday I lost my true love. I had him for ten years, three-and-a-half of which were spent as his wife.

Jonathan was tragically killed yesterday while doing what he loved, metal working. Something went wrong and he was killed instantly. Please be at peace knowing that Jon did not feel any pain. Jon woke up in an amazingly good mood. He made eggs for breakfast (which he never does on a work day) and was bright eyed and bushy tailed the whole drive there! Jonathan was working on his lathe, which is his favorite machine to use. He was proud of the project he was working on. Jonathan’s last day with us was a great one and I know he would have no regrets if he were to look back on his own life.

We all had the honor of having Jonathan around for 27 wonderful years, and he is now at home with his Eternal Father, Jesus Christ. Please rest well knowing that Jon is in a far better place and I’m sure loving every minute of it.

I have made his Facebook page public so anyone can friend him or write to him. I will post through my own Facebook as well as his to keep you all updated on the memorial service. For those friends and family in California who cannot make it to Washington, we will also have a service in Southern California.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers.

(Please feel free to send this to anyone who knew Jonathan)

Spearfishing [Podcast]

We start out with the news, talk about january’s video games, and end with CES 2010 and Google Nexus 1 (oh and netflix is a jerk!). Our shortest podcast yet. I think you’ll look back on “Spearfishing” and remember all the reasons why you stopped listening to Borked… Enjoy!

– rev

(ed. wow… really? 1:52? yeah, that won’t happen again, we plomise.)

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