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Why my Xbox 360 support has sucked

I don’t really feel like writing a bunch of prose here, so I’m just going to list the facts as to why my experience with microsoft’s Xbox 360 support has sucked thusfar.

Late August, my console gets the three red lights of death (yeah, dead rising). So I call up 8004MYXBOX and they say that I’m out of warranty (I had a launch console) and that it would be $120 to repair it. I decline deciding it’s not _that_ important to me right now and I can wait a few paychecks to repair it.

Mid September, it’s announced that 2005 consoles are being awarded with an extra years worth of warranty, horrah. I call in and they send out a box for me to send my 360 back in (Microsoft Case# 1018624847).

October 11th, they send my 360 back to me (ups tracking #: 1Z05W3581204757459). I get it back on the or around the 16th. I open the box and plastic parts start falling out. It seems that UPS dropped the xbox from a fair height (I’m guessing 3 to 4 feet) and have possibly irreparably damaged the console. I jump online and start a claim with ups.

October 24th, UPS updated my tracking number with this


So I wait.

October 27th, My console arrives back at the repair center (MC Allen, TX), so I call ups. They claim that they sent the info and console to microsoft and I should call them to get any new info on the console. I give microsoft the benefit of the doubt and give them another week.

November 6th, I call microsoft support and after waiting for close to 45 minutes I’m transferred to a “supervisor” sometimes called “tier 2”. Anyway, he takes in my whole store, takes my tracking number and claims he’s on it, and expects me to be sent my, or a new console within 8 business days. He also advises me that it shouldn’t happen, but if I don’t get anything to call back after 8 business days.

November 17th, (possibly 16th, it’s a little fuzzy) I call in and a representative tells me that “Taylor” emailed the repair center for photos of the damage. I’m asked to wait, but that I’m assuredly going to get a callback.

20th to 22nd of November, I call in multiple times and I get less than knowledgeable representatives that get very confused and sometimes very frustrated when I try to explain my plight. Each time I give them the same case number, but they for some reason can’t put all the events together. At one point I was told to call UPS and get a tracking number for my console because it was “on it’s way back to you”. I asked the rep if they knew that I can’t call UPS for a tracking number, they will only talk to you if you HAVE a tracking number. At that she hurried me off the phone saying “I’m sorry sir we have no updates for you”.

hold on… *sigh*, ok lets continue.

27th of November, I get a call from a woman to verify my address because there was “some confusion”. I verify, she is cordial, and we end the call. It seems as if I’m to expect a delivery!

1st of December, A different woman calls to AGAIN verify my address. I do, then I ask “Should I expect something because I got a call on monday to verify my address and now you are”. She says “Sorry, they didn’t create a ticket on monday, I am doing that now, here is your new case number: 1024861979”. But my experience thusfar made me ask my next question “Do you see the notes on this account, my xbox has been at your repair center since october”. She replies “Yes, we have a lot of units at the repair center and we’re trying to get them all sent out, you should get something in two to three business days” rejoice!

7th of December, I’m skeptical. Nothing has arrived, I dread the worst. So I call up customer service and get a nice woman named Allison who takes all my info. I then relate my entire story and she says “I’m sorry I would like nothing more than to find out what’s happening with your console, but our system is undergoing an update, I’ll get all the notes together and enter them into your case as soon as I can get back in. So if you call back in two hours and give them your case number they should be able to get you the information you need.” Double dutch. From experience I know that if I call after work I get the lame reps. Ah well, I thank her and go back to work.

Later that evening, I call back expecting the utter worst. After relating a subset of my troubles and my latest case number my friendly friend from not america tells me he needs to get a supervisor. hold hold hold, ring ring. OH! a new friendly friend, cool, but not a supervisor. My call must have dropped. So I again relate my subset of woes and my new dude “David” (I’m sure) says he needs to get a supervisor. hold hold hold. “David” comes back and relates that a “typographical” error was made on my account and they are updating the repair center’s records. I’m then advised to call back in two business days (December 12th) then I’m hurried off the phone.

That was about an hour ago, I’ve been patient, I’ve been kind. I haven’t raised my voice. I haven’t pressured them into a “You’ll lose a customer for this”. I just want my xbox back. At this point I’m akin to get ANYTHING back. How is it that this guy not only gets a replacement xbox, but a free game after his gets RAN OVER?! I mean, a “typographical” error. They have got to have a NOVEL of information from all the people that have touched my issue. Leh sigh. Maybe I should call and tell them I ran over it, so I get a new one.. Major Nelson told me so.

!Update! December 8th, I got my original 360 back, still totally broken. And NOW it won’t even turn back on.