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City of Irvine “Loud Party Notice” for … Rock Band!

Yes folks, the nerds have arrived. Tonight at 11:45pm I was served a “Loud Party Notice” for playing Rock Band! The conversation was as follows:

Coppa: You live here?
Rev: Yessir!
Coppa: You having a party in there?
Rev: Nooot really.
Coppa: How many people you got in there?
Rev: Four..
Coppa: Oh.. What are you doing in there?
Rev: … Playing a video game …
Coppa: Ah. Wellll
Rev: There is like.. a drum part that you sort of stomp on..
Coppa: Yeah, that was probably it!
Rev: …

Check out my swanky notice
Swanky Notice

Does this mean we’re cool now? I’m not sure.

Google Maps + IE8 Beta 1 = Epic Fail

The front-end engineers certainly have their work cut out for them with the release if IE8 on the horizon. Albeit that this IS a Beta, and the FIRST of all public Betas, but still, all my sites generally mostly work (except those using google maps).

Remember folks, this is early beta software, rendering (most likely) browser specific hacks styling, so take this with a grain of salt.


And embedded


But wait! Not even Microsoft’s DOM based maps look good: