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Blizzcon Wrapup [Podcast]

In this weeks episode of the Borked podcast, David Eagle, Jay and Rev discuss all things Blizzcon! Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and World of Warcraft, Cataclysm!

Rev and I had an absolute blast at Blizzcon, it was great to finally be the coolest people in the building (this only happens to us at conventions), and we have crowned ourselves your kings, dear nerdlings. You may show your fealty through gifts of gold and Beta keys.


The Otterpop One [Podcast]

In this episode, your hosts discuss geeky news (Find the links below), The Harry Potter movie, Worgens, and general geekery.

Special guests Andy and Sarah join David and Jay.


False Start [Podcast]

Greyhats.com is now home to The Borked Podcast.  We created Borked because we kept having geeky conversations, and at the end of them we would all say, “That was interesting.  I bet other people would think so, too.”
Borked isn’t a podcast about comic books, or video games, or cool gadgets.  We talk about those things when they come up, but we may go weeks without touching on one of those subjects.  Borked is a venue for geeks to discuss things that interest them.  Though the core contributors are David, Revoked and Jay, our podcast (like the geek subculture which it addresses) is open to anyone with an informed opinion and a passion for any of a broad number of subjects which geeks revere.

This week we talk about:

We hope you enjoy our dialogue, and more than that we hope that you’ll contribute to the ongoing exchange of ideas that is so essential to the survival and growth of geekdom.

Until next time, stay nerdy.


You can email the show here: we@borkedproductions.com, or find us on Twitter: