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Carcassonne for iPhone out now, iPad coming soon [Games]

I fired up the App Store on my iPhone and I saw Carcassonne at the top of the list.  Not only does this game look beautiful, but it plays great, AND has multiplayer! MUCH more than can be said about the Catan game (phooey!). Additionally, according to the App Store page, if you buy the app now for $4.99, you’ll get the iPad upgrade free when it comes out (instead of paying the full $9.99).

Get it now! Carcassonne for iPhone

If you’re into euro games, you may also be into these iPhone/iPad games as well:

Checking In [Podcast]

Hey all, posting the Borked podcast from January 24th, 2010. We really only checked in on each other’s geekish doings in this one. It’s with a heavy heart that I post this, as this was Jonathan “Jay” Glyer’s last podcast with us, and one of the last times I had a chance to have a conversation with him. This podcast isn’t necessarily “our best one ever” but, for obvious reasons, is one of my favorites.

I do want to say, as somewhat of a warning, what Jay says about his birthday: “is” Jay, I wouldn’t have him any other way, and I loved him for it.

the rev