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Spearfishing [Podcast]

We start out with the news, talk about january’s video games, and end with CES 2010 and Google Nexus 1 (oh and netflix is a jerk!). Our shortest podcast yet. I think you’ll look back on “Spearfishing” and remember all the reasons why you stopped listening to Borked… Enjoy!

– rev

(ed. wow… really? 1:52? yeah, that won’t happen again, we plomise.)

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Many Slates!

Jay’s Recordings Suck aka “guh” [Podcast]

In this week’s podcast (from mid-october, I know, leave me alone. no really lay off.) we talked about our weeks (always awesome), Google Wave, Geeky Music, among other things. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I didn’t listen to it.

– rev

here are our MST3K Episode picks:

  • Hercules and the Moon Men
  • Manos Hands of Fate
  • I Accuse my Parents
  • Pod People
  • Sidehackers
  • Time Chasers
  • The Brain that Wouldn’t Die
  • Monster a-Go Go

The Netflix One [Podcast]

“The Netflix One” which is also “The New Video Games One”. We certainly loves us some games and video content, and this week, that’s about all we talk about. So if you hate those things, you probably hate us, so just stop reading this and go away. If you’re still here be prepared to enjoy a lively discussion on TV/Netflix/Hulu/Etc. and then a “borked”-style preview of the Fall 2009 video game releases.

the rev


Fall ’09 Games: (the good ones)