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Console Warriors [Podcast]

This week we had two special guests, Big Zac Graham and Kev.  Thanks to both of you guys for joining us, it was great having you!  We discussed the state of current generation consoles, what differentiates them, and what we like.  We also discussed the 1 game you’d buy, if you could buy only one, and digital distribution within traditional DVD’s.  I hope you enjoy it, and please leave us feedback!


Of Superheroes [Podcast]

In this week’s episode of Borked, David Eagle and Jay are joined by Andrew McAlpine.  We discuss new games you should check out, Disney’s acquisition of Marvel, and the evolution of single and multi-player games.

As a special gift to our loyal listeners, this episode features an outtro track created by our very own Andrew McAlpine of Gryffindor House Thugz.  I’m totally psyched to give you guys a chance to hear this song, as a huge fan of Nerdcore, Harry Potter inspired Rap is very close to my heart.  To find out more about GH Thugz, check out their MySpace.  You can download the full version of the track “Stand Up” for free right here.

I hope you enjoy this weeks episode of Borked. Check back on here on Monday for the Pax Wrap-up with myself, Rev, Jay, and whoever else we can con into joining us.


The Otterpop One [Podcast]

In this episode, your hosts discuss geeky news (Find the links below), The Harry Potter movie, Worgens, and general geekery.

Special guests Andy and Sarah join David and Jay.


Serviceable [Podcast]

This week your hosts discuss geeky news, Facebook and your Family, geek movies and Internet Racism (spoiler: it’s not racist, but it is self righteous).  We hope you enjoy this episode.


The Blizzard One [Podcast]

In this week’s episode your hosts discuss Geeky news, including the release of Firefox 3.5, TweetCraft, and the re-release of the classic “Monkey Island” videogames.  There are some product reviews and a long segment on Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3.

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