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How to Use The Internet [Podcast]

Are people using the internet wrong (namely google, twitter, facebook)? We discuss this, our geeky weeks, news items (app store 2billion?!), the rise and fall of our favorite nerdy tv shows, and Fantasy Football, actually a geeky activity?

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The Netflix One [Podcast]

“The Netflix One” which is also “The New Video Games One”. We certainly loves us some games and video content, and this week, that’s about all we talk about. So if you hate those things, you probably hate us, so just stop reading this and go away. If you’re still here be prepared to enjoy a lively discussion on TV/Netflix/Hulu/Etc. and then a “borked”-style preview of the Fall 2009 video game releases.

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Fall ’09 Games: (the good ones)

Console Warriors [Podcast]

This week we had two special guests, Big Zac Graham and Kev.  Thanks to both of you guys for joining us, it was great having you!  We discussed the state of current generation consoles, what differentiates them, and what we like.  We also discussed the 1 game you’d buy, if you could buy only one, and digital distribution within traditional DVD’s.  I hope you enjoy it, and please leave us feedback!