Stuff I got from Comic-Con

I went to Comic-Con, not really expecting to get much other than a fun time walking around the booths. However I was pleasantly surprised by the following awesomeness:

Autographed “Penny Arcade 2” by the PA boys.

This was a SPECIAL treat. I love all things Mike Mignola, and was not expecting to even see him at the con. As we were about to leave, we walked by a booth, and I saw a few guys milling about in front of Mike! I walked over, cursing myself for not bringing my Hellboy vol. 1 with my anyway. Luckily he had some special ’08 Con prints, and I was able to get this personalized. Horrah!

This was another special treat. Lego + WB teamed up and had people visit 3 booths to play the upcoming Batman LEGO game. Each booth gave us a part of Joker. Once each was collected you turned Joker in to get this box and Batman! Cool!

Anyway, Thanks Tim for bringing us!