iTunes + Weezer (Red Album) = CDDB/Gracenote failure

So, the new (and awesome) Weezer album came out today. And the usually awesome album info+artwork of iTunes completely failed. Not only does their CDDB database not have the Red Album in it but in addition, after ripping the CD via Window Media Player, iTunes decides the BLUE album artwork is what it should show for the RED album. Sothatsnice. /rant

1 thought on “iTunes + Weezer (Red Album) = CDDB/Gracenote failure

  1. Yeah whats the deal!? I couldn’t believe it, I bought 4 CD’s, two from indie labels, one of which was self released with out even using a label and THAT was in their database. Yet Weezer, from Interscope, didn’t come across at all. Probably some quack thing because Interscope has a beef with Apple… who knows.

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