iPad day one [review]

So my first day with the iPad was only a half day and a work day to boot. Most of my day was spent in dev meetings. I would say that during the meeting the iPad was very useful but I’m not seeing anything that makes it indispensable.

I was able to pull up any website we had during our dev meeting. Not only did everything come up good, but I was really happy with the quality of the iPad/Safari browsing experience. Additionally, during the meeting I was able to take care of IMs and emails with ease. It’s important to note however that i was already able to take care of both of these tasks with my laptop. Which brings me to the first annoyance with the iPad. Unfortunately my 2007 MacBook pro doesn’t output enough power to charge my iPad. This really isn’t that big of a deal, but if you think that I’m missing out on a bit of a charge every time I go to sync my iPad, it’s kind of annoying.

Once I got home I tried out the netflix app. I have to say I was very disappointed. At first I was having a great time checking out the streaming, but I decided to start an episode of the office while I worked on some chores. Over the course of roughly an hour I had to hard boot the iPad 4 times during netflix streaming. I tried multiple episodes, but each one would eventually freeze up permanently and even sometimes have visual artifacts on the screen. I’m not sure if it’s just my iPad or if it’s something with netflix itself. I’m hoping to figure at out, but either way: no bueno.

That’s about it for my first day. If I had to give it an X/10 I’d say a solid 8/10.

6 thoughts on “iPad day one [review]

  1. I just tested out Netflix and it froze pretty quickly however I’m in the corner of my house with one bar of wifi.

  2. Weird I haven’t had any of those problems with the netflix app. On a similar topic, I have been using basecamp in safari to track projects in meetings and that has been working out great.

  3. Yeah I used the safari basecamp a bit, but most of our dev stuff is in fogbugz. So I just put everything in Notes and then I’m emailing it to myself and transcribing into cases.

  4. That’s cool. Yeah I’ve really been challenging myself/team to keep a simple process in one tool. Why arent you using fogbugz in safari/ipad?

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