City of Irvine “Loud Party Notice” for … Rock Band!

Yes folks, the nerds have arrived. Tonight at 11:45pm I was served a “Loud Party Notice” for playing Rock Band! The conversation was as follows:

Coppa: You live here?
Rev: Yessir!
Coppa: You having a party in there?
Rev: Nooot really.
Coppa: How many people you got in there?
Rev: Four..
Coppa: Oh.. What are you doing in there?
Rev: … Playing a video game …
Coppa: Ah. Wellll
Rev: There is like.. a drum part that you sort of stomp on..
Coppa: Yeah, that was probably it!
Rev: …

Check out my swanky notice
Swanky Notice

Does this mean we’re cool now? I’m not sure.

2 thoughts on “City of Irvine “Loud Party Notice” for … Rock Band!

  1. Hey, so did you guys try fighting it or just paid it off? Just wondering since we got a notice for a situation equally ridiculous as yours.

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