Google Maps + IE8 Beta 1 = Epic Fail

The front-end engineers certainly have their work cut out for them with the release if IE8 on the horizon. Albeit that this IS a Beta, and the FIRST of all public Betas, but still, all my sites generally mostly work (except those using google maps).

Remember folks, this is early beta software, rendering (most likely) browser specific hacks styling, so take this with a grain of salt.


And embedded


But wait! Not even Microsoft’s DOM based maps look good:


17 thoughts on “Google Maps + IE8 Beta 1 = Epic Fail

  1. At this time, style sheets are not being displayed correctly.
    Why you ask?
    They’re moving in line with AcidBurn.
    Look at it this way, for the first time in like, forever….. IE is actually a compliant browser. Just waiting for everyone to uncode their pages for earlier IE shortcomings now. 🙂

  2. OMG – this is broken BIG time.
    1. I installed IE8 on my vista machine and immediately it started choking on my google toolbar and would not allow any browsing of any website without error messages/dialogs (the blue screen of death has been replaced by a dantes hell infinite loop of error messages)

    2. So I tried to uninstall IE8 but Vista(home) does not allow it – because it does not show up in the add/remove programs. So now I am truly in hell.

    3. So I put IE8 in IE7 emulation mode – and it gets generally stable – but of course I am not able to use any advance features

    4. Today I had a meeting so I clicked on Google-maps from the toolbar and IE8 (in IE7 mode) crashed with the infinite error messages. So I rebooted and tried to get my directions by merely going to the Google map site and same thing … Hello mapquest (I hope). Dante would have been proud. I am truly in purgatory for the sin of upgrading IE and now at the gates of hell.

  3. Ran into the same Google Maps problem (and a few others). I recommend keeping FireFox or another stable, released browser handy for those situations. IE8 (and Internet sites) will get more stable / compliant as we get closer to release, but for now, it probably makes sense to keep a released browser at the ready.

  4. CJ,

    IE8 is classed as an update so click view installed updates and uninstall from there. For some reason i cannot view google maps even in IE7 Mode ! Any ideas?

  5. I do like some of the features of IE8, but you might want to install Firefox just so you can switch to it for map reading or anything else IE8 chokes on. I just hope Microsoft fixes this problem with IE8. However, given their pathological hatred of Google they are probably doing high fives right now.

  6. Hey all u people worked about google maps not displaying properly on ur webpages here is a SOLUTION…


    I had the same problem, the entire just blewup and made life miserable, it was important for me to have the map, so i switched to yahoo maps, and there too i had a problem, not that the map blew up but it did not appear at all, so just tried getting rid of doctype and it worked.Going back to google maps without the doctype that too worked.

  7. @Aparna actually, I may be mistaken, but I think that puts IE8 into IE7 “quirksmode” rendering?? And on top of that, if your current site is built on a strict doctype, this doesn’t fly as a good workaround.

  8. I downloaded ie8 onto Windows XP and ever since my Google toolbar constantly crashes and freezes up ie8. I tried to uninstall ie8 but can not go back to ie7. The problem still exists even with ie7 emulation. What to do? Is Microsoft aware of this. Is Google doing anything about it?

  9. To make the google map controls to work properly in IE8 you just have to put this line: under the doctype declaration, instead of the tag

    i hope this help all of you

  10. The reason Google maps now works is that they add a meta tag to make ie8 emulate ie7. I did the same on my google maps api site and it fixed the problem.

    If the forum allows it, here is the meta

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